Niagara Cave – Harmony, MN

August 1, 2019

Gosh, I can’t believe how fast this summer has flown by already. It feels like it just started, yet here we are now, with only a few short bittersweet weeks left to go, until it’s back to school again!

A few weekends ago I called up my mom, early on a Sunday morning, and asked her if she was available to go the Niagara Caves with my brother, and my kids & I.  She had mentioned several times at the start of summer, how much she wanted to go, as it held a special memory and time in heart, when she went with her father before he passed as a child.

She immediately was game for it, and within hours, we hit the road for our hour in half road trip to Harmony, Minnesota.  For me, this was my first time visiting the cave, and the area as well.  My daughter had the opportunity to go for a class field trip a few years ago.  So, the majority of us where in for a one of a kind first trip experience.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by beautiful and secluded grounds.  There was a wooden log play-set for children, gorgeous landscaping, outdoor gem mining, mini golf, and plenty of area to enjoy an outdoor picnic if you wished!  We even seen families bring fun outside entertainment, such as Badminton and Volleyball nets.

We entered their main building, which opened into a store full of beautiful finds! Rare rocks and stones, to clothing and toys for kids.  We had fun browsing around at the different options they had available for purchase. The kids each picked out something special to remember the trip by.

After checking out and paying for our new-found items, we were ready to see what this cave was all about.  I was quite impressed to see that they offered tours every 15 minutes, so there was very little to no waiting time!  The tour was an hour long, so it was nice to be able to get in right away, since we had a bit of drive just to get there.

We were guided by a worker throughout the cave, and he gave neat facts about the cave, and past history and stories about them as well. We winded our way through the mile long underground hike, and looked at the formations and fossil imprints in awe.

The cave is descended 200 feet underneath ground at it’s lowest point, and included breathtaking streams and waterfalls within. The cave was cool, as to be expected, resting at around 48 degrees Fahrenheit. I was comfortable in my tank and shorts, although I am typically more warmer blooded than most.

If you are cold easily, a light coat is suggested.  I would have liked one, just for the keeping dry.  There were many areas of dripping water.  There are also a total of 550 stairs, so bring a pair of good walking shoes, and be prepared for a workout! Going in is easy, coming out is where the work is.

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience in the cave.  My kids all were fascinated by it, and did great!  I definitely would recommend it for kids ages 5 and up, but depending on your child(ren) you may be able to visit with younger ages.  There is a lot of walking, and climbs, so that is why I would say 5 years and older would probably be perfect for most.

If you have never had the experience of checking out this cave, be sure to put it on your summer bucket list!  There is still plenty of time left to make it there, and if not this summer, there is always next summer!



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