Red, White, and Blue! It’s Fourth of July Soon…

June 26, 2018

I can almost feel it, can you? The energy, the fun, the grill smoking, laughter, it’s what American summers are all about! Over the years I have grown to love Independence Day, more and more. It’s like a giant celebration of all things summer! Bringing everyone together to enjoy one another’s company.

The last few years now, we have made an annual tradition since the kids have all gotten a bit older. The week before Fourth of July, we pack up in the car, and set off on an unknown scenic drive across the border, for some fireworks. Every year is different. Where we end up is always unknown, which makes it all the more fun!

We stop at unique and interesting places we seek out along the way. The surprise factor keeps it fun and exciting, not knowing what we might find, or where we all will exactly stop? It’s just the best!

This year I got a head start on the fun, thanks to Targets $ Spot! I went slightly wild, and found a few festive items that I just had to have. When the price is right, how can you say no? My favorite were the kids’ Cat and Jack outfits, paired with the fun patriotic sunglasses.

Below I will share {5} fun things you can do, to create a memorable Fourth of July with your family and kids!

1) Create these Fun drinks! I have been making these drinks for a few years now. The kids just LOVE them!

2) Draw some sidewalk art & do a mini photo shoot!

3) Camp out with blankets & pillows, while you wait for the big show to start! Don’t forget the glow sticks!

4) Get crafty! These Salt Firework paintings are lots of fun!

5) Start your morning off with a festive breakfast! These pancakes are easy to make, and fill the tummies.

There you have it! Simple, easy, and so much fun!

What are some of your Fourth of July traditions?


  • Niki @ Toot’s Mom is Tired

    June 26, 2018 at 10:07 pm

    Those pancakes and drinks look amazing! We’re going to have to try that.

    1. lifewithtwinsplus2

      June 26, 2018 at 11:40 pm

      The drinks are my favorite to make!

  • Jazz

    June 26, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    This time of year always seems to sneak up on us!

    1. lifewithtwinsplus2

      June 26, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      All too fast! I can’t belive it’s almost July!

  • maryasmusings

    June 26, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    What great memories you’re making for your kids! Fun ideas 🙂

    1. lifewithtwinsplus2

      June 26, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      Thank You! I love creating fun memories for them! It’s the best part of being a mom! ❤️

  • Brelemon

    June 27, 2018 at 2:43 am

    This looks so fun! Haha I agree with Jazz, this time of year really does just sneak up! lol now I need to head over to Target;)

  • Dear Des

    June 27, 2018 at 3:54 am

    What fun ideas! We love the 4th of July at our house too! My kids will go crazy over these festive pancakes. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. lifewithtwinsplus2

      June 27, 2018 at 4:37 am

      It’s the little things that make the best memories!

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