I don’t Want To Grow Up…

September 19, 2017

This weekend we took a scenic drive far off the beaten path, and into the land where only dreams are made of.  The sights were breathtaking, with the tree tops turning striking shades of yellow, red, & orange.  The roads quiet and windy, with plush green hilltops, and cascading bluffs of pure exquisiteness, like a scene directly out of a movie. It was just what we all needed.

As we drove up to the dark, log cabin style place, the shrills of delight rang out.  “Mom! where are we?”  “Oh, I think I remember this place!”  “Is this that one place we went to??” A smile stretched across my face, as my heart began to feel full.  This, this is what dreams are truly made of.


We walked inside the doors, to a bold and colorful display, something of a majestic nature.  Complete with crushed velvet red curtains, and a scroll that read “Friends, sigh not so – let worries go, and be you blithe and bonny – converting all your sounds of woe into hey nonny nonny.”  There stood a wooden book stand, with a giant, nearly life-sized book, and a gold feather pen, to write your name down in.  Documenting this day; the day you walked into the land of pure fantasy.




Let me tell you, not one single thing was to disappoint.  From the lavish, oversized sculptures, to the abundance of toys; that you could ever even dream of.  There were buzzing motorized trains, making their rounds about the tracks above your head.  Toys that were more than just toys.  Quality, uniqueness, distinct, one of kind.

As my children flocked to play in the many area’s provided by the store, I sat back and just soaked in the beauty, that had unfolded before my very own eyes.  I felt like I was a kid again.  Feeling their exuberance emit throughout the air, made my own thoughts travel down memory lane. Oh, to be a kid…

~ Life With Twins Plus 2

{If you are looking for the best toy store in Minnesota, look no further than Lark Toys, in the beautiful countryside of Kellogg, MN.  It has been voted ‘Top 10 Best Toy Stores In The World’ by USA Today, as well as, ‘Top 10 Coolest Toy Stores In The World’ by Readers Digest.  It’s a definite MUST see!}



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