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September 9, 2017


I am so happy to have finally gotten this blogging journey started.  It has been quite a few years since I last set my fingertips to the keyboard, and poured out my inner thoughts, while sharing glimpses into our daily lives.

I find writing to be a relaxing and therapeutic outlet.  I always dreamed of being a storywriter of some sort, when I was younger.  I’d often sit in my room and make up elaborate funny little stories, and I always had a journal by my bedside, that I would fill up weekly. My goal with starting this blog, is to connect with mama’s, and share in this journey with one another.

So, without further ado, I will introduce myself and share a little about my life and background. My name is Jessica. I am a thirty-something mom, to four kids, whose ages are 9, 6, and 4 year old {twins}. Our life is busy, chaotic, and often stressful.  However, it is so full of love! They keep this mama running, and always thinking of what’s next!

I’m born & raised a Midwest girl, my husband a southern gentleman.  We met when I was just 17.  I knew I was in love, when I never got sick of being around him. We married when I was just 20! We started our family at 22, and completed it by the time I was 28.  I quit my job after my second born, to be a full-time SAHM.  Honestly, the best decision I ever made.  It was nerve-wracking, but thankfully my husband is always optimistic and constantly reassured me, that everything would be ok.

I admit I really didn’t believe him in the beginning.  I was scared as heck. I also won’t lie… the first few years were rough! He was going to college, working on his master degrees, while working full-time, to keep our family afloat. When we added the twins to the equation; that threw our life upside down in a quick hurry! We soon found ourselves in a real panic, wondering how we would afford them?  We already had two kids, and doubling just seemed impossible to grasp. We survived somehow, and now looking back, it seems like a distant dream.

My husband finally graduated with his double masters in nursing, in the spring of 2017.  He recently accepted a job at a large hospital, in their ICU. It has made a huge difference for us, and we are finally feeling the relief of the past years we struggled.

In my downtime {which is very few and far between} I enjoy to craft, love shopping, exploring new places, adventuring the great outdoors, pampering myself, and capturing our everyday moments. My favorite music is current pop/hip-hop. However, I am a music lover of all jondras. I can’t stand things un-organized and out of place! {It literally drives me into OCD mode.} I am a lover of fashion, and always dreamed of being in the fashion industry in NYC. I enjoy coffee and wine, which is a win for me, as they also help me to survive! {Kidding… slightly}

So, there you have it! I look forward to this journey and hope you all will follow along, and join me too!


~ Life With Twins Plus 2

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